Saturday, February 25, 2012

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Location, Location!!!

I have been on the weather channel - it looks like we will have a fine night tomorrow!!!
Therefore, we will have our WHITE DINNER at 

HUGH BAMFORD RESERVE, opposite 54, Military Rd, North Bondi/Dover Heights

with an amazing view towards the city and the beaches - and hopefully a great sunset!

How to get there:

WALK: Head up Murriverie Road and climb the steps to Military Road, then climb the steps to the Reserve (opposite 52-54, Military Rd).
CAR: Drive up Military Rd, then opposite O'Donnell St. the driveway to the parking at the Reserve or park on Military Rd.
BUS: No 389 to corner Murriverie Rd / Wairoa Ave, then walk to end Murriverie and climb stairs to Military Rd, see above. Bus 380 going up Military Rd, get off just after Blair St or O'Donnell St, walk up to Reserve.

I DID want to give us some more exposure to the public, but was warned regarding rangers and fines... So this is a private event which will give me some fantastic photos to put on the website - to get the grant for a bigger WHITE DINNER in spring...!!!

Just a reminder: Start is around 6 pm, WHITE is the theme of the event and chatting, laughing and storytelling is the desired outcome! ;-))

See you tomorrow!

Anke xxx

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Only 5 Days To Go!!!

Only 5 days to go and so many of you have already confirmed!!! Great!

Here are a few answers to the questions that you have asked:

This is a private, FREE event, so you dont have to buy tickets or make donations - my sister and her husband are here and that is worth a feast ;-)

The white theme does not extend to the food i.e. not only rice, pasta, eggs, mayonnaise, chicken, etc. It is more your clothing and the table setting that will make the night! I will include some more photos to give you an idea. If you haven't got white or light-coloured clothes for the whole family, I have borrowed some things from the opp-shop and you are most welcome to wear them, let me know!

Kids are most likely to not sit at the table all at once, so if you bring 2 adults and 3 kids, it is advisable to bring 3 folding chairs.

We have two long folding tables that will easily fit 12 people - so if you have a small table or a fold-out camping table, please bring it, otherwise join in on ours ;-)

Please bring tablewares i.e. cutlery, glasses, plates, napkins, tablecloth, candles, etc. From experience, we filled a basket with all sorts of things for 2-3 people and we were fine!

If you are single and dont feel like bringing somebody along, dont worry!!! It will be a great opportunity to get to know some new friends! If you are single, double or family and want to bring another 6 -20 people, dont worry either - they are welcome, as long as they bring their own gear and food!

There is ample parking at the location, so if you dont want to walk or take the bus (bus stop just there), then come with wheels!

I hope this clarifies a few question marks... Please make the effort and join in, it will be a special night!!! And you will be part of the first WHITE DINNER in Sydney!

Oh, and the venue - it looks like the weather will be fine, so it is outdoors with great views!!! More middle of the week ;-))

White Dinner Is Coming To Sydney!